Patients Speak

Here's what patients have said about their experiences and results with Anthony Von der Muhll
(from his former location at the Santa Cruz Acupuncture Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic)

Review Summary: "Acupuncture helped my shoulder rotator cuff"

My shoulder rotator cuff problems persisted for many months and were getting worse until I saw Anthony. From the day Anthony started administering gua sha treatment and electrical stimulation tied to acupuncture needles, my shoulder started getting better. He also helped me start to correct my posture which was an aggravating factor to my condition. My range of motion has been steadily improving and the pain has been greatly reduced. Whereas before I was having a terrible time sleeping (I'm a side sleeper which stresses the shoulder) I can now sleep comfortably through the night. I am now on a clear path to recovery and we have been able to reduce the frequency of my treatments. I am aware that shoulder tendonitis takes a long time to heal completely but I am now confident that I will soon be able to resume normal activities and exercise. Some background: I injured my right shoulder when overdoing strength training exercises. The pain was diagnosed by my doctor as being in my rotator cuff but there was no tear. He prescribed an oral anti-inflammatory, Diclofenac (Voltaren) but it provided no relief or improvement. In fact, the pain got worse. Then I went to a physiotherapist who had been helpful to me in the past with other unrelated injuries. He confirmed the diagnosis and corrected my exercise program to eliminate shoulder aggravations. But my condition continued to get worse. My range of motion was decreasing (impingement syndrome) and I experienced referred pain around my arm frequently throughout the day and especially at night. Feeling I needed to take some new action to stop this downward spiral, I did some online research about acupuncture and rotator cuff problems. Among others, Anthony's page came up. I was impressed with the write-up he had done on his site about how he treats shoulder rotator cuff problems. I also liked that in his education he had an added specialty in treating sports related injuries. When I called him, he gave freely of his time to discuss his approach to my kind of shoulder problem and I made an appointment. It was a good decision. I recommend Anthony highly. One other thing: I'm someone who wants to know all the details about my condition and who asks a million questions. Anthony has been great about giving me the added specific information I request. Not all medical professionals are as willing to do this.

Don W., Los Gatos

Review summary: "Acupuncture helped following hip surgery"

I have been a client of Mr. Von der Muhll's since June to assist with my walking functionality following hip surgery last year:  His combined acupuncture, exercise, and massage approach has resulted in significant improvement in normalizing my leg & hip movement & in reducing chronic pain.  Since that time I also visited him after a bad fall & he was the one who figured out that I had fractured my arm (three weeks & two 'regular Dr.' visits after the accident).  He does a very good job explaining scientifically how acupuncture works, and how various parts of the body are connected.  He really does have the most "wholistic" approach of any health practitioner I've seen over many years.  I highly recommend him.

Linda W., Santa Cruz

Review summary: "My back and leg symptoms have improved with acupuncture"

My back is still hanging in there.  I haven't experienced any issues or any episodes of numbing or tingling in my feet. The pain that was wrapping around my abdomen every morning has completely gone away.  I am absolutely ecstatic with how well I'm doing but also keeping in mind to take care with my activities.  Your services have made me a firm believer in acupuncture and alternative care.  I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me.  If I start experiencing any symptoms I will not hesitate to contact you.

Lydia E., Ben Lomond

Review summary: "Acupuncture helped my hand injury"

When I injured my hand and wrist, I was lucky to find Anthony. He has been very observant, knowledgeable, and sensitive in diagnosing and treating me. He educated me about my injury and healing, and gave me directions for exercises and self-care routines that I could use to facilitate healing.

Anthony worked with my time and budget restraints to come up with a feasible schedule. Now I'm almost healed, and I'm stoked! I could have been a mess if I hadn't found such a good healer.

Anthony's not only an amazing expert, he's a great guy to be around. He inspires confidence. I give my highest recommendation.

Jessie H., Santa Cruz

Review summary: "More than an acupuncturist, a holistic healer"

Anthony Von der Muhll is more than an acupuncturist.  I found him to be a holistic healer that embraces the traditions of both eastern and western medicine.

Mr. Von der Muhll has successfully treated me for 3 different ailments. He was thorough in taking a complete medical history in order to chart my best path to recovery.  I found him to have extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. His treatments provided pain relief and promoted flexibility. He is also an experienced teacher who provided me with follow-up information and activities for me to do at home to continue my healing process. His encouragement was very important and helpful in assisting me over the humps and bumps on the road to recovery.

I found Anthony to be personable, professional, and patient.  I felt extremely well cared for, and success is the best judge.

Ron P., Santa Cruz

Review summary: "Acupuncture worked for my headaches, constant tension"

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when i first heard about acupuncture as a possible remedy for pain alleviation. However, i am now a firm believer in its powerful effects. Anthony is an amazing, extremely knowledgeable, effective acupuncturist. I have really felt a difference in my body since visiting his therapeutic office on a weekly basis. He really cares/wants to help and spends a lot of time trying to learn as much as he can about one's symptoms and how one's particular body works. For anyone suffering from headaches, constant tension in certain areas of the body etc... the list goes on... give acupuncture a try! It really works!

Chiara F., Santa Cruz

Review summary: "Allowed me to backpack after pulling a calf muscle"

Anthony Von der Muhll is an excellent practitioner.  His office is inviting and comforting.  His manner is relaxed, competent, and professional.  Several years ago I pulled a calf muscle several weeks before a scheduled backpacking trip.  His course of treatment allowed me to participate fully and pain free.

Hans B., Santa Cruz

Review summary: "Moved to next step in hip surgery recovery"

I had orthoscopic hip surgery over a year ago and the recovery was slow and painful. This was partially due to arthritis, scar tissue and age.  I'm 52.  A freind at work suggested going to see Anthony and I had to curb my doubts due to his story and the fact he was the last person I thought would go to see an accupucturest.  His story is not unlike mine.  After 5 visits I have moved on to the next step in recover using his exercises.  The man works wonders and you don't have to believe in it, it just works.

Mike M., Capitola

Review summary: "Acupuncture helped my severe back problems"

Anthony Von der Muhll is the best!  He is such a great Acupunturist with a gift. He is attentive, patient, kind, can really diagnose my problems, and has helped me immensely.  I have used acupuncture in the past to treat injuries from a car accident years ago and I was hesitant to try it again.  I am so glad that I decided to try it again.  I was so close to receiving an epidural for severe back problems and pain and I am so glad that I can honestly say that I haven't had to take any medications and my pain has decreased so much.  I feel like I am back to my old self and am on my way to recovery.  His establishment and atmosphere is very calming, relaxing, and very professional.

Lauren B., Aptos

Review summary: "Helpful for plantar fasciitis and chronic back, leg, and neck pain"

After not finding any relief from a case of plantar fasciitis, I was directed to Anthony by my podiatrist. Not only has he helped me on the way towards recovery for my feet, but he has effectively treated chronic pain that I have had for decades in my back, leg, and neck. What I really like is that he has a background in physical therapy in addition to acupuncture. I found this to be really helpful in the treatment of my condition. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services to anyone who has a long standing unresolved injury or chronic pain of any kind.

Janice R., Santa Cruz

Review summary: "Able to return to work after 9-month absence due to back pain"

I found Anthony at the end of a long labyrinthine journey through the health care system dealing with chronic back pain. With the help of him and my Osteopath I was able to return to work as a nurse after an absence of 9 months. Now when I start to have a flair I head straight to his office. I trust him completely.'

Heidi J., Watsonville

Review summary: "Good diagnostician"

I have received acupuncture for multiple injuries over the past 30 years but, this guy is the best.  If you're looking for an Acupuncturist who not only knows Chinese Medicine but, also understands Western medicine and the limits of both - this is your guy.  He was able to diagnose my problem that several doctors had missed and also fixed it.  He also won't string you along and keep you coming in forever.  If he can't help or isn't sure what the problem is he'll refer you to someone who will.  Very impressed with his professionalism.  You won't be disappointed.

Woody N., Watsonville

Review summary: "My back felt much better after the first visit."

I've had recurrent low back pain for over 15 years and recently when my back flared up, it seemed like nothing was going to help make it better. My western doctor diagnosed me with either a lumbar strain/sprain and/or a protruding lumbar disk and gave me some pain meds that while fun and masking the pain didn't really take care of the problem. I started feeling increasingly worried this time my back wasn't going to get any better and I'd be in pain forever.

Finally a friend recommended me to see Anthony  for acupuncture and while skeptical that acupuncture would help me, I decided to give it a try. First of all, Anthony gave me the most thorough and caring physical exam that I've ever had. More importantly, I felt much better after the first visit!   Right away I could tell that the inflammation was reduced and I had an increase of my range of movement. I decided to schedule several visits, about every other day for a week and a half and after each visit I had more pain relief for a longer period of time and increased range of movement. After a couple of weeks I was feeling just about back to normal and Anthony gave me some preventative exercises to do at home as well as some suggestions about ergonomics at work. So far it's now been 3 months pain free and I'm optimistic about the future again!

Rosie N., Santa Cruz