Initial Consultation & Treatment

The initial visit consists of:

  1. Discussion of your health history and symptoms
  2. Physical examination and screening for common conditions
  3. Assessment and treatment plan
  4. Initial acupuncture treatment, if/as requested

The treatment plan includes:

  • The number, duration, modalities and costs of treatment
  • Projected benefits, as well as any potential risks or side-effects
  • Alternative or complementary treatment options and referrals, if/as appropriate
  • A projected time-frame for relief and stabilization of conditions, and for meeting your goals for treatment

Not sure you’ll want acupuncture on the first visit?

You may use our Contact form to schedule a brief (15-minute) or full (1-hour) consultation without treatment, to assess your complaints and to help you decide whether acupuncture is likely to benefit you.

The initial acupuncture treatment:

During acupuncture, patients typically lie comfortably on a table for 20-30 minutes. Massage, electro-therapy, suction cupping, gua sha, and other healing modalities may be used. Counseling regarding lifestyle, nutrition, and herbal supplements may be provided.

After acupuncture treatment, patients can generally to normal functioning following treatment. Very ill, frail or elderly patients should not plan to drive immediately following treatment. Please arrange for a companion driver or alternative transportation, if appropriate.


To request an initial consultation or treatment, you may:

We’ll respond as soon as we can, always within 1 business day.