Weight gain linked to sedentary work

Unfortunately, this findings of this study come as no surprise–that our jobs have become more sedentary and that the associated reduction in calories burned contributes to the current epidemic of unhealthy weight gain. You can read the complete study at:




What can we do about it? Understanding that we have varying degrees of control over our (and others) work tasks and work statsions, we can at least consider the following:


–other studies show that standing burns 2 x as many calories per hour as sitting;


–taking even short breaks every hour to get up and walk around helps to keep body weight down and undo the damage of sedentarianism;


–some corporations and individuals are making wireless technology a plus by re-configuring work tasks and tools to facilitate walking while working–on treadmills with a laptop, or walking, talking and texting with smart phones, etc. Needless to say, walking is what our human bodies do best. Walking benefits not only body weight, but also spinal discs and joints and bone density and muscle tone in the legs.


Though we may not be able to or want to go back to types of physical activity that used to be involved with work, we can at least think creatively about how to keep ourselves, or employees and/or co-workers, and our culture moving and using our bodies while we work…and play…for our collective health and well-being!