Dietary consultations

Dietary consultation is provided using both Traditional Chinese Medical dietetics, and modern, evidence-based nutritional science. One-on-one dietary consultations are provided in the course of acupuncture treatments, or by special appointment.


My approach is to work with whole foods and patients’ existing dietary preferences and habits to optimize health, rather than trying to convert or sell people on fad, “crash,” or highly-restrictive diets or special supplements. To have a beneficial impact on health, food choices must be sustainable–which also means enjoyable!


As a former professional cook, I also know that it is possible to cook for both health AND pleasure simultaneously…We are blessed in Santa Cruz to have easy access to abudant, healthy, high-quality food from local and sustainable sources. From time to time, I post some of my favorite recipes here to in keeping with Traditional Chinese Medicine’s seasonal eating principles. Enjoy!


Recipes for Spring:

Sauteed Dandelion Greens



Recipes for Summer:

Scarlet Runner Bean Stew